TAM at the BCNPHA Conference 2017


Christian Menard, General Manager of Terra Asset Management and Stuart Thomas, Principal of the Terra Group of Companies led the "Impossible" Reno workshop at the BCNPHA Housing Central Conference on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Christian and Stuart offered workshop participants a practical guide, showing how TAM works with housing operators to assess, organize funding for and complete the necessary renovations to preserve their building assets.

The focus of the workshop was the renovation of the Norman Bethune Housing Co-operative in Burnaby, a woodframe project constructed in 1974 which was in dire need of repair, so much so that it seemed all but impossible.



Christian led attendees through the project timeline (Terra began working with the co-op in 2007 to find a solution), including a week-by-week examination of the the construction and ending with the celebration of the project completion in August 2017.

Check out the Conference Central website to download the Impossible Reno presentation (scroll down the page to T39: The "Impossible" Reno)